The hare sets off laying the hash trail before the designated start time. If the hare sets off 10-30 minutes before the rest of the pack, this is called a 'live hare'. More often than not on the Quorn Hash, the trail is laid several hours before or even the previous day if the weather permits. The QH3 uses flour to mark its trail.

We use three simple hash markings (see photo). The correct trail is marked by blobs of flour at approximately 50 metre intervals (closer when off obvious tracks or in woodland). If you see three blobs of flour you're definately going the right way. A circle marks the start of one or more false trails. You should never cross a bar. An arrow can be used to make sure hashers go the right way, particularly if there is a split into a long and short trail. Coded messages can be included inside the circle as advised by the hare: e.g. Beer Stop (BS); View Point (VP); Croissant Stop (CS); etc.. Once the correct trail has been found the check should be kicked out in the direction of travel or marked by the hare to help lost souls and latecomers. Near the end of the trail the hare will write 'ON INN'. This helps to make sure the pack travels the correct way around the trail and can often prevent the less observant from heading around the trail again.

When selecting the location for a hash the hare needs to make sure that there is a constant supply of good beer and that close by there are plenty of intersecting paths for false trails. If starting from a pub you must warn the landlord that we are coming. Another consideration for the trail is that we all expect to be back in the pub within 1 - 1.5 hours, don't make it too long and think about shortcuts for walkers. The On Inn needs car parking, access by public transport and you also need to remember some hashers come with a dog and may want food.

Three simple hash marks - bar, circle and blobs
(Photo Run 845)

Hash Markings

The hash trail needs to take into account all abilities
(Photo Run 554)

On the Trail

Hares will sometimes go out of their way to please hashers (Photo Run 845)